How to Use a Broom in Witchcraft?

Answer A broom in modern Witchcraft is a symbol of cleansing, banishing, and fertility not a form of transportation. The tradition of broomsticks began in West European fertility rites. People rode around... Read More »

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How to Practice Witchcraft?

Want to heal the sick, commune with nature, dance in the moonlight or just wear a pointy hat? Real "Witchcraft" might involve a lot more than you think.

How to Purchase Witchcraft Supplies?

Some important tools in Witchcraft are candles, athames, brooms, cauldrons, a mortar and pestle, and of course books. This article will help you find a place to get all of these items. In modern ti... Read More »

Is homeopathy the modern equivalent of witchcraft?

I think homoeopathy is scientifically and philosophically akin to witchcraft, yes. For some reason people seem very keen to believe in magic.Like religion and similar phenomenons, practices like ho... Read More »

When did the Salem witchcraft trials start?

The Salem witchcraft trials began March 1, 1692, when two children, Abigail Williams and Elizabeth Parris, accused Sarah Good, Sarah Osborne and Indian slave Tituba of witchcraft. Over the next yea... Read More »