Is wisteria a poisonous plant?

Answer The wisteria plant is a poisonous plant to both animals and humans. The seeds and the pods are the most poisonous parts of the wisteria plant but all parts of the plant are toxic if consumed. Becau... Read More »

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Blue Japanese Wisteria plant?

Plant all 6 seeds at the same time in 6 different small pots. Use seed raising mix if you have some, otherwise potting mix for pots.You can keep the soil just moist by using a spray bottle. Make ... Read More »

When is the best time to plant wisteria?

Early spring is the best time to plant wisteria. Though this plant is slow to start growing it can reach heights of 30 to 80 feet, depending on the structureit has to grow on. When planted in well... Read More »

Is the fuchsia plant poisonous?

The fuchsia plant is a common non-toxic houseplant. However, caution should be exercised around pets and small children because although it is non-toxic, it can be a choking hazard if consumed.Sour... Read More »

Poisonous Plant Seeds?

Many common plant species contain poisonous seeds, leaves, stems or other parts. Before letting animals and small children run unsupervised in the yard or garden, check the area for poisonous plant... Read More »