Is wireless internet better than cable and dsl?

Answer OH YES - I just got it and it is wonderful. We actually got the lowest wireless speed ($29.95) per month and it works great.If you do get the wireless be sure and set it up with a password so that... Read More »

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Is dsl better than cable internet?

On One Hand: DSL Cheaper, More SecureDSL offers an Internet connection that constantly remains connected to the Internet via a phone line. It is a better choice over cable Internet in regards to se... Read More »

Which is a better Internet connection wireless or cable?

cable if you are downloading alot of stuff

Prefer wireless Internet or cable modem...and which is the better value for the money?

I am totally loving my wireless connection. You are free to roam around the house with your laptop. I was able to show my parents and sisters my new house inside and outside(they live in a differen... Read More »

Does video cable sound better than audio cable?

Assuming you are talking about coaxial patch cables with RCA connectors, the answer is no--there is no detectable difference. (There are many people who will disagree with that, but they tend to be... Read More »