Is wired internet faster than wireless?

Answer In a word, yes. Wireless Internet is plenty fast, and almost always faster than your ISP's network connection, but it has other hurtles. For one, wireless networks are vulnerable to interference fr... Read More »

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Is a wired lan connection give you a faster internet connection than a wireless connection?

Hi:)A wired connection will often be a little faster. But really it's more to do with stability, a wired connection is more stable because WiFi can suffer from interference, specially if your rout... Read More »

Does wireless internet completely replace wired internet in the future?

It's really hard to say, but I would like it to happen, then we could use Internet everywhere at a cheaper cost.

Wired Vs. Wireless Internet Gaming?

Internet video games come in many forms: casual games played via web browser, graphic intensive multi-player online games on the PC and console games with online cooperative play capabilities. Whil... Read More »

Does a wireless router replace our existing wired Internet?

On One Hand: Greater MobilityUsing a wireless network means you are able to free yourself from a desk. You can work anywhere you like and do not have to worry about running cables to your new work ... Read More »