Is winterberry poisonous?

Answer The winterberry shrub, a deciduous holly, is a popular shrub used for landscaping. The red berries that appear on the shrubs in late August and September are poisonous if eaten by human beings. How... Read More »

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How do I grow winterberry?

Start by diggingDig a hole that is four times as wide as the winterberry's rootball and the same depth as the rootball.Place the plantPlace the winterberry plant in the hole and fill with water. Ma... Read More »

Do you water winterberry plants?

Winterberry plants do need water, but they don't require a lot of water. Water the winterberry plant about two times per week with the water adding up to 1 to 2 inches total.Source:Garden Guides: P... Read More »

Deer & Winterberry Holly?

Winterberry holly (Ilex verticillata) belongs to the Aquifoliaceae holly family and grows through the eastern half of the U.S. This slow growing shrub, also known as black alder, bears bright red b... Read More »

How do i identify male and female winterberry?

Look for berries on the winterberry shrub. Only female plants bear fruits. Check all parts of the shrub as old berries may still linger on lower branches or they may be dried and mummified but stil... Read More »