Is wine sniffing for real. Or just a pose?

Answer YES, you can actually identifiy aromas! Locations are another thing.....and that DOES require a bit of knowledge. Let me explain.....I agree with a little bit with everyone here on many levels. In... Read More »

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Does wine-gums have real wine in them..?

Never mind that Sam.Have you seen Belle ? She's like two pumpkins escaping from a sprout bag

Is wine and liquor the real thing in movies, or is it fake colored water / juice etc?

When shooting a film the person in charge of props, and craft services provide, non alcoholic drinks: iced tea, root beer, water,juices and seltzer to look like a real drinks--However, on a night s... Read More »

Cat Sniffing Behavior?

A cat's sense of smell is far more acute than that of a human. Like dogs, cats rely on their noses to tell friend from foe, find mates and learn more about their world.

How to Make Sniffing Salts?

Sniffing salts, also known as smelling salts, are traditionally used to revive someone who has fainted. With ingredients that are absorbed through the mucous membranes in the nose, smelling salts p... Read More »