Is wine sniffing for real. Or just a pose?

Answer YES, you can actually identifiy aromas! Locations are another thing.....and that DOES require a bit of knowledge. Let me explain.....I agree with a little bit with everyone here on many levels. In... Read More »

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Does wine-gums have real wine in them..?

Never mind that Sam.Have you seen Belle ? She's like two pumpkins escaping from a sprout bag

Is grapejuice made from wine grapes just like wine?

No, commercial grape juices like Welch's are usually made from Concord grapes while wine grapes are a lot of different varieties depending on where they're grown and what type of wine they're inten... Read More »

Does falling pregnant just after 8 months of giving birth pose any problem?

Answer Hello. No this shouldn't cause any problems. But if your concerned speak to your doctor who has your full medicial history to hand and can advise you efficently. :)

Is it just for the us to use military force to prevent the aquisation of nuclear weapons by nations that pose a military threat?

Assuming that the legal civilian government has directed them to use force, yes. If you are wondering about the political implications of using military force in that manner then a political forum ... Read More »