Is red wine good for heart?

Answer Yes, But no too much.

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How much red wine is good for heart disease?

On One Hand: How much red wine will help reduce heart disease?A Nov. 19, 2009, online issue of "Heart" cited a Spanish study that found moderate, long-term drinking decreases the risk of heart dise... Read More »

Is Italian wine that comes in a round bottle inside a basket good or bad wine?

I love Italian wine, especially Chianti. Some of my favorites come in a basket, called a fiasco, bottle.Opici and Mellini are very good. I haven't had the Bell'Agio in a long time, but I remember... Read More »

Is it true that drinking red wine is good for your health?

Red wine is rich in flavonoids, which are antioxidants since they scavenge free radicals. Free radicals are bad news, they are very reactive and they participate in a chain reaction of successive o... Read More »

Is fish good for your heart?

Fish contains half the amount of cholesterol of meat but is good cholesterol so it's good for the heart.The best fish is the wild one and the very best is blue fish like mackrel, sardines, herrings... Read More »