Is windows 7 or windows 8 a better choice for a new computer?

Answer Unless you have a touchscreen or a touch screen overlay. Keep windows 7. Windows 8 is essentially a Microsoft knock off of apples forfront in "app use". Keeping things way too user friendly, and no... Read More »

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Is my old windows 95 computer better than my new windows 7 computer?

Yes 95 is better. lets change my grandma for your teen girl friend

Is a Mac computer better than Windows vista?

Yes, but Ubuntu Linux is better than both!

What is better, windows Vista or Windows XP Media centre?

xp is more stable and won't crash as much, and also vista is too expensive to get a computer which it will run on - so yeah my vote goes for xp

Is windows vista really better than windows xp?

It will be, eventually. It will be much better once the first or second service pack become available from Microsoft. I asked my IT guy at work the same question, and his response was this: If y... Read More »