Is a reliable website for facts?

Answer There are quite enough reasons to distrust Wikipedia without even having to make fun of Jimbo's personal life. I would think the best reasons are concrete mistakes that have actually appeared in Wi... Read More »

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Is wikipedia as reliable as other encyclopedias for information and facts?

Its really up to you on what you want to define as reliable. Many of its articles are reliable, but popular ones get vandalised quite often. Its important to always check the sources. I would alway... Read More »

Is the BBC website reliable?

How to Determine a Reliable Website?

The Internet has quickly become the world's preferred source of information. The quality of available information can vary greatly from site to site, however. Knowing how to spot reliable sources... Read More »

Is Wikipedia a reliable website?

No, it's not.The first draft of each article is usually written by someone who is not very active on Wikipedia. They may or may not know a lot about the topic. After the first draft, a small, core ... Read More »