Is wikipedia safe enough to get informations on?

Answer It depends on the level of safety you want. Most Wikipedia articles are quite good, but it is not always clear whether the article has been written by a specialist on the subject, an amateur who re... Read More »

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Can we rely on the informations in wikipedia?

Yes we can. All the info on Wiki is derived from several sources (linked to in the "References" section). even if some poor soul would happen to vandalize a page or two, it's likely that a responsi... Read More »

Is wikipedia safe?

Absolutely Safe. Still I don't get what you fear about Wikipedia, the best thing ever done on the internet.100% yes yesss... Wikipedia is safe... Yes. Wikipedia is safe as it only deals with exchan... Read More »

Wikipedia- really safe to use?

It is a good starting point for research. However, you should only use facts that have been backed up by sources. Those sources are indicated in blue like so: [2]Clicking such a number will take yo... Read More » it safe..too?

Wikipedia articles are for the most part updated constantly & viewed by many people, both professing in it's "genre" of information & not, so the odds of an inaccuracy, especially in the more frequ... Read More »