Is wikipedia safe enough to get informations on?

Answer It depends on the level of safety you want. Most Wikipedia articles are quite good, but it is not always clear whether the article has been written by a specialist on the subject, an amateur who re... Read More »

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Can we rely on the informations in wikipedia?

Yes we can. All the info on Wiki is derived from several sources (linked to in the "References" section). even if some poor soul would happen to vandalize a page or two, it's likely that a responsi... Read More »

Is Wikipedia reliable enough?

No, it's not. In fact, if your goal is to aggravate some of the older professors, then the mere mention of Wikipedia is enough to accomplish that in spades. All the time they spent lecturing you, a... Read More »

Is wikipedia good enough for you?

it's good enough to get me started on serious topics (especially those that i've got to write a paper on for uni), and fine if i just want some general knowledge.but like most things, if you rely o... Read More »

Is Wikipedia a good enough academic reference?

absolutely not. It's a good place to get an idea about something but you should ALWAYS cross reference as any jerk can write whatever they want