Is wikipedia really famous?

Answer you can find information abt everythin frm dereso yeah it is :D

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How famous does a person have to be to get a wikipedia page?

Specifically, they have to be famous enough to have multiple reliable sources make non-trivial mentions about them (and not merely about their participation in an event).To oversimplify it: being i... Read More »

Who writes the wikipedia 'biography'of a (not necessarily) famous person?

You do! Or someone like you. Wikipedia is written by regular people like you and me. Anyone can contribute. If you want to know who wrote a specific article, check the History tab. It will show you... Read More »

How can I add information on Wikipedia about someone as famous not as user!?

Oh, Wikipedia has notability guidelines that prevent you from writing an article about your next door neighbor (unless he/she's famous) because they don't want stub (short and abandoned) articles a... Read More »

OMG OMG OMG! Somebody made a WIKIPEDIA page on me! I'm not even famous!!!?

this is very is a strategy by the MUSLIMS to inflate fear in the public...Islamists are not the same today as they were 20 years ago...they now use the Internet to create terror in the ... Read More »