Is wikipedia really a bad source of info?

Answer No, in my opinion, it isn't a bad source of information usually, because it does have most of the right information and many people do put the right info, but there are a few that always have to pu... Read More »

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WIKIPEDIA ! is it a good info source?

Overall, I think it is a good source of information. I like that they have info on pretty much anything and everything and that the info is updated as current events progress. In most of the articl... Read More »

How reliable is Wikipedia as a source of info?

i find the entire Wiki series to be very reliable.

Why does everyone say Wikipedia isn't a good source Info Inside.?

For the most part I do agree. -I have never seen anything grossly incorrect or blatantly attempting to ruin the information provided. Similarly, I too have seen information corrected or updated in ... Read More »

Why do most people use Wiki as Source of Info?

Because theyre lazy. Wikipedia is a good source of general information, but when those kids write in their papers that Jennifer Anniston is an alien without questioning it, then they are just lazy