Is wikipedia information reliable?

Answer no its not, and u should not use it in academic work especially in university.... this is what my teacher exactly said. so take my word

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How reliable is the information on wikipedia?

Most of Wikipedia's info is accurate, however; it should not be a person's only source for info because of people who vandalize the site by putting false information in.

Is wikipedia a reliable source for information?

No, because the information is input-ed by average people like us. Some people will list a citation of a credible resource when they type info in wikipedia and some people do not list a citation or... Read More »

Is Wikipedia a reliable source of information?

Yes and no.The word "reliable" has a particular connotation: that one can simply rely on that source and prima facie (without further evidence) expect it to be true.Wikipedia has a lot of great con... Read More »

Is wikipedia as reliable as other encyclopedias for information and facts?

Its really up to you on what you want to define as reliable. Many of its articles are reliable, but popular ones get vandalised quite often. Its important to always check the sources. I would alway... Read More »