Is wikipedia down or it's only me?

Answer Haha yeah it's down!BTW in case you're not sure if a website is down:

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Why is the wikipedia section on Yahoo answers only answered by people who hate wikipedia?

There are three main reasons that people will attempt to contribute to an information service like Wikipedia or Yahoo! Answers.First, there are people who contribute because they genuinely want to ... Read More »

I think Wikipedia shouldn't be edited by everyone. I think Wikipedia should tell only the truth about things?

The thing that makes Wikipedia stand out is the fact that any person can edit the information on there. There are already enough online encyclopedias and dictionaries out there edited by profession... Read More »

Wikipedia is down Wtf ?

It's not working properly in the UK atm and it hasn't for the last 5 hours ish. I can't find out why - not even the server log ( is working which... Read More »

Is wikipedia down?

Judging from the number of similar questions here, Wikipedia was down for several hours.