Is wikipedia communism?

Answer No it is just libearly biased.

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Who is the father of communism?

The father of communism is Karl Marx. Marx was born May 5, 1818, in Trier, Germany. He's most known for his book "The Communist Manifesto." Karl Marx followed in his father's footsteps and studied ... Read More »

Who was the father of communism?

Karl Marx, a 19th century German philosopher, economist and political writer, is widely considered the father of communism. Along with Frederick Engels, Marx helped define a utopian society where c... Read More »

What was a foreign policy used by the US to contain communism?

Our methods to contain communist expansion in the world and continued development of new nuclear and hydrogen bombs increased our power and contributed to the nuclear disaster in Russia and the end... Read More »

What is the difference between Marxism& Communism?

Popular opinion regards Marxism and communism as synonymous, but communism was an idea that existed before Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels authored "The Communist Manifesto" in 1848. Although Marx i... Read More »