Is wikipedia bad to use If it is then why use it?

Answer It really depends on what your reason for using it is.If you just want filler, Wikipedia is perfect for you.If you have no idea whatsoever what the right source is for a given subject, look it up o... Read More »

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What is a good reference site rather then wikipedia?

Get a library card from your local library, then google your county library homepage, ex/

What other wiki's are there othere then wikipedia?

I like Lostpedia too which is a wiki even thought it doesn't have wiki in the name. the only other one that i know of that hasn't been mentioned so far is WoWiki which is a wiki for the videogame ... Read More »

Has anyone noticed Wikipedia articles having far less credibility then before?

I'm being overran by such articles at the New Pages log. I miss lots of them. We need more people to patrol over that area!

How do you do the wikipedia effect when it shows an image and then some information in the bottom?

If there is an infobox template available for what you want to do, that is great. If there is not, then simply do this....[[Image:FileName.jpg|thumb|right|300px…and that and the other]]