Is wikipedia any good?

Answer It depends of what kind of info you're after. In the math and science areas it's pretty much OK, but in the history area there can be "partisan" errors or misleading statements especially about li... Read More »

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How good is wikipedia?

It's pretty good for most knowledge areas.

Besides Wikipedia what else is good?

Good for what? Good for an online encyclopedia that anyone can edit? Sorry, but there are no good alternatives to Wikipedia.

Is wikipedia good enough for you?

it's good enough to get me started on serious topics (especially those that i've got to write a paper on for uni), and fine if i just want some general knowledge.but like most things, if you rely o... Read More »

What is a good Wikipedia reference to use?

The subject needs to be notable. Just being real/famous may not be enough to secure an article in Wikipedia. They will be deemed notable if they (or their work) has been discussed and published in ... Read More »