Is wikipedia always right?

Answer Don't completely rely on Wikipedia for research on a project. Whilst the information is usually correct, you might find yourself taking information off a vandalised/factually incorrect page.If in d... Read More »

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Does wikipedia always tell the facts right?

No, it doesn't always tell the facts right. The problem is that it's sometimes hard to tell the difference. Consider the following statements, which you might find in Wikipedia at one time or anoth... Read More »

My 2 month old always turns and leans her head to the right side. when i turn it to the left for her she tuns it right back .she also is not holding her head up yet. what should i do?

Approximately 700 or an average of 14 per state. Pediatric Surgeons can be found in Children's Hospitals or very large Community Hospitals in large cities.

Is wikipedia always correct ?

No. Every time Wikipedia mistakenly pronounces some young celebrity dead, people come to this category of Yahoo! Answers asking if that's true. It's happened with Miley Cyrus, it could happen again... Read More »

Why is Wikipedia always referenced at Yahoo Answers?

One of the values of Wikipedia is that it is so accessible and wide. If I want to know about 2-propylpentanoic acid, all I need to do is visit Wikipedia's page of the same name (< http://en.wikiped... Read More »