Is wikipedia a reliable sorce?

Answer NO ,NOT AT ALL,IT lost its credibility bcoz of poor and unscholarly admin.

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If Wikipedia is considered an "unreliable sorce", why do we still use it?

I read a paper a while ago that really answered this question well for me. Don Fallis, of the School of Information Resources and Library Science at the University of Arizona, wrote a paper called ... Read More »

Why is wikipedia not reliable?

wikipedia can be edited by anyone who wants to say anything they want

:::::::How reliable Wikipedia is?

I would give it an 8 because of its great content and wide range of topics. But, anyone can edit Wikipedia and it is highly plagiarised. Reputable educational institutions advise not to use referen... Read More »

Wikipedia; reliable or not Why?

Most of the articles are reliable most of the time. Some as somewhat incomplete, or if they concern controversial issues may be biased. The reason they are reliable is that anyone can edit any arti... Read More »