Is wikipedia a reliable site?

Answer It's a good jumping off place, it tends to give a lot of good general back ground info on a is NOT reliable. At all.Why?Because I can edit it. You can edit it. Anyone can edit it.There a... Read More »

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Is there a more reliable but similar site to wikipedia?

Try out Citizendium. One of the founders of Nupedia (what soon became Wikipedia) created a more reliable fork of Wikipedia called Citizendium where edits are screened more and editors have to be a... Read More »

What type of services does the site wikipedia provide Yahoo India has regular feature on this site?

it is very simple, visit and find out. why wait for answers from others. u can do it yourself

Is the BBC a reliable site?

The BBC is THE place to receive unbiased news and current affairs. All the world's TV stations regard the BBC's output of science,nature and drama as best in the World.

Why is BBC a reliable site?