Is wikipedia a reliable resource?

Answer No, not at all. If you've heard rumors like "Wikipedia once accused a respected journalist of participating in a presidential assassination," "Wikipedia once mixed up American and Canada," "Wikiped... Read More »

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How reliable is wikipedia as a resource for info?

Technically it's really unreliable cos anyone can go on and edit the info. But most of the time it's actually correct. probably a good idea to use another website or just briefly check the stuff on... Read More »

How do you know if you can trust wikipedia or another resource?

Trust is a fuzzy thing.Generally, you can say you can trust something if it is repeated in another source you trust. (e.g. the New York Times, BBC news). A measure of trustworthyness of sources lik... Read More »

How reliable is

it is not even as accurate as a broken watch~here is a political "correction" of wik~…who or what else is changing the factshope this helps

Is Wikipedia reliable enough?

No, it's not. In fact, if your goal is to aggravate some of the older professors, then the mere mention of Wikipedia is enough to accomplish that in spades. All the time they spent lecturing you, a... Read More »