Is wikipedia a reliable resource?

Answer No, not at all. If you've heard rumors like "Wikipedia once accused a respected journalist of participating in a presidential assassination," "Wikipedia once mixed up American and Canada," "Wikiped... Read More »

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How reliable is wikipedia as a resource for info?

Technically it's really unreliable cos anyone can go on and edit the info. But most of the time it's actually correct. probably a good idea to use another website or just briefly check the stuff on... Read More »

:::::::How reliable Wikipedia is?

I would give it an 8 because of its great content and wide range of topics. But, anyone can edit Wikipedia and it is highly plagiarised. Reputable educational institutions advise not to use referen... Read More »

Wikipedia... is it reliable?

She was given that message likely because she wasn't logged in. Each page has a set security level. If it's open (no security), anyone can edit, account or not. Some pages may be locked, however. W... Read More »

How reliable is

it is not even as accurate as a broken watch~here is a political "correction" of wik~…who or what else is changing the factshope this helps