Is wikipedia a good source for papers?

Answer For basic information, you could read it, but i would not site Wikipedia. It's unreliable. Your teacher will probably take off points. There are plenty of good websites out there, keep searching.

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Why is that literature teachers say not to use Wikipedia as a source for any papers?

Jimmy Wales,the founder of Wikipedia says you shouldn't cite his source if you are doing a class project or a research paper.The point of citation is to hold an individual responsible, or to give c... Read More »

Is Wikipedia a good source?

If everything you've ever read on Wikipedia is true, you have either not read much, or you are very gullible and simply believe that everything you read is true (even though it may not be).Take som... Read More »

WIKIPEDIA ! is it a good info source?

Overall, I think it is a good source of information. I like that they have info on pretty much anything and everything and that the info is updated as current events progress. In most of the articl... Read More »

Is Wikipedia really a good source of information or not?

Quality is not a black and white picture. It's a spread from the ridiculous and laughable (try searching for what the "Time Cube" guy thinks sometime) all the way through to excellent material publ... Read More »