Is wikepedia fake and do people put wrong information on it?

Answer People put in wrong information into Wikipedia all the time. Sometimes it's deliberate, but often it's well-meaning and unaware.There is also a continuum relating the popularity of a topic (how man... Read More »

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What was wrong with the information relied upon by the cia FBI and other agencies refer to the attributes of information quality in your response?

Has Your Fake Tan Ever Gone Wrong?

How do you think I wound up getting covered in fur >:(

Is it illegal to edit wikepedia pages?

No, there are no legal implications at all.It IS vandalism, however.You need to stop thinking of the Internet as some super-strict policed medium. Doing something you're not supposed to doesn't mak... Read More »

Information on Fake Nails?

Applying fake nails is one way to maintain a well-groomed appearance. The ease and convenience of fake nails, however, is balanced by some considerations to keep your skin and natural nails healthy... Read More »