Is whole wheat bread really a complex carb?

Answer Yes, it is. If you look, you'll see that "whole wheat flour" is the main ingredient. Yeast offers nutrients of it's own-if you want to avoid preservatives, bake your own.*Beans*, *fruit* and vegeta... Read More »

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Is the whole wheat bread we get at the grocery store whole grain?

see the label that it contain whole grain or not:)

Does whole wheat bread rise better than bread made with all purpose flour?

On One Hand: Whole Wheat Doesn't Have GlutensBread made with pure whole wheat flour will unlikely be fluffy due to the low or non-existent gluten levels in wheat flour. Gluten is a vital ingredient... Read More »

Is 100% Whole Wheat bread good for you?

Whole wheat bread is very healthy as in…Wheat germ is also very healthy and so is Weetbix. Wheat bran is another healthy wheat product.Basically all whea... Read More »

Is whole wheat bread ok for diabetics?

On One Hand: Limit Your StarchesIt is okay for diabetics to eat whole wheat bread. According to the American Diabetes Association, starchy foods like bread can be eaten in small amounts. It is reco... Read More »