Is white zinfandel vegan?

Answer According to, most wines are not vegan. During the filtering process, many companies use animal products like egg whites, gelatin, casein or portions of fish bladders. Barnivore... Read More »

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Calories in a glass of white zinfandel?

If the assumption is on average 150 mL of white wine (or zinfandel) and we use Berringer's white zinfandel of 550 calories in 750 mL, then the average number of calories is 110 per glass of white z... Read More »

Women: Can men order White Zinfandel without looking gay or corny?

Nothing says "gangster" more than sipping White Zinfandel. LOL. I think it is fine for guys to order white wine. Honestly, I get so tired of people judging you by what you drink. People at the bar ... Read More »

Zinfandel is one of the kings of the white wine world.?

On average, how much does a bottle of Zinfandel cost?

$10-12 should buy you a half-magnum (750ml) of a nice economy vintage.