Is white sugar kosher as it's refined using bone char>>?

Answer Unless something is added to the sugar to render it non-kosher, such as flavourings, white sugar is kosher by default. Even so, pretty much all major brands of sugar are certified kosher.

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Is sugar alcohol also calssified as refined sugar?

Technically it is not a sugar. It is chemicals stripped off sugar but no granule. It is used mostly to trick people into buying sugar-free. But really it just more poison the liver has to filter.

Is raw sugar better for you than refined sugar?

On One Hand: Raw Retains NutrientsAlthough raw sugar has undergone some refinement, it is much less processed than refined sugar. Small amounts of nutrients stripped away during the processing of r... Read More »

Is there a difference in refined sugar&raw sugar?

On One Hand: Empty CaloriesManufacturers refine sugar from its raw sugar form through an involved process that includes the use of chemicals. Refined sugar does not contain any minerals, enzymes, v... Read More »

Is it ok for a vegan to eat refined sugar?

Vegan-ism is not a religion, so you don't have to worry about going to hell, if you inadvertently consume an animal by product :). Take some time to examine why you chose to become a vegan (health ... Read More »