Is white a colour you tell me?

Answer It's a shade

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White also a colour and black also a colour but why the black and white TV is not called as Colour TV?

Great Thinking. We'll call it color tv from now on. Happy?

I'm wearing a white strapless dress with a navy and white polka dot belt. What colour heels should I wear?

HiNavy or royal blue would go nicely with your dress (you have good dress sense) :-)Hope this helps have a nice day :-)Oh and gold jewellery goes well with white and blue :-)

I have one white wall in my bedroom that must stay white,what is the best colour to paint other walls?

There are many techniques for increasing the expressiveness of the walls and for making your home a place where you feel at ease. Many neutral tones are associated with natural materials, stone, ea... Read More »

Why can't i get colour on my black and white TV?

This is a common problem with black and white sets, more common than you'd imagine. I have a black and white portable and I was driven mad by it when I first bought it, I just couldn't get a colour... Read More »