Is wheat bran good for me?

Answer On One Hand: High in FiberThe Mayo Clinic recommends high-fiber foods like wheat bran to correct irregular digestion, maintain healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and assist weight loss eff... Read More »

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Can wheat germ be subsituted for wheat bran?

On One Hand: Wheat Bran and Wheat Germ are Very DifferentWhile wheat germ and wheat bran both come from the wheat berry, the two are quite different. Wheat bran is made from the outer husk of the b... Read More »

What is wheat bran used for?

Wheat bran, made from the outer shell of the wheat plant, is used as a food ingredient and medical supplement. Wheat bran is an excellent source of dietary fiber, and can aid digestion and bowel m... Read More »

Is wheat a form of bran?

Wheat is not a form of bran. Bran is the outer layer of unprocessed wheat seed that contains the wheat seed's fiber. Whole grains are unprocessed and include the grain's bran, endosperm and germ, m... Read More »

Can you freeze wheat bran?

You can freeze wheat bran, and in fact, it should be stored in either the refrigerator or freezer. Because wheat bran contains a higher concentration of natural oils in wheat than flour, it becomes... Read More »