Is what I'm going through is Normal ?

Answer NO it's not normal......turn OFF your computer, unplug and put it back the box.

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Are you going through dialysis What are your side effects Does the exhaustion fade with timeAre you going t?

Hi Dreamy.I am not on dialysis but I am a RN & have worked with dialysis clients in a hospital setting.I assume you are doing hemodialysis rather than PD, but you would need to let me know.Fatigue ... Read More »

Do you know what the military families are going through?

Stess......Not knowing what will happen tommorowBut at the same time pride, knowing they are doing something valuable for this country, not gossiping about in on twitter or myspace or any of that

What are some signs that one of your co-workers is going through menopause?

C'mon... I mean SERIOUSLY!!! This is a JOKE question!!!!! J-O-K-E!!! Geeeeeez :LAnyway, with that out of the way, lets move onto something more important. Like answering your question. He/she might... Read More »

What should you do if you were going through old photos and you found a photo of your mom naked?

Put it back where you found it and forget you ever saw it.