Is what I was told about Dentists true?

Answer if you believe that, you are not smart enough to become one.

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Ive just been told I have to pay £700 for a brace for my 10 year old daughter. whats happening to dentists!?

It seems that NHS free braces stopped being available in 2006. Check…where they state 'The cost of orthodontic treatment varies although it may be free ... Read More »

Lying to an officer in pa about a car accident what are the charges Daughter told officer she was drving and she wasnt her boyfriend with no license was driving and the officer was told there was in?

Yes it is possible that you could be unemployed and still be required to file a 1040 federal income tax return and pay some income taxes.If you are receiving unemployment compensation and have any ... Read More »

Information About Dentists?

Dentists are skilled professionals who are responsible for repairing, maintaining, and managing the mouths of their patients. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for dentists sh... Read More »

My friend told me that bangs give you acne, and i just got bangs. what do i do and is it true?

Bangs don't necessarily give you acne. If you have bad skin to begin with, then gettting bangs that stick to your forehead all day could contribute to the mess. But if you have okay skin, wash yo... Read More »