Is weight loss the way to lose cellulite and love handles?

Answer Weight loss is not your answer. Fat loss is. You may not lose weight as you will gain some muscle and lose fat, but bringing your body fat % down will get rid of the cellulite and love handles. 45 ... Read More »

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How to lose love handles?

Hey there Clay...Those "Love Handles" are, well... excess fat. there is no secret way, formula, pill etc. that would magically solve your problem. it's all down to the simple equation: what you put... Read More »

Possible to lose love handles in 3-4 months?

Yes.In addition to cardio training, you need to get a "core-focused" workout that you need to do 2-3 times a week. Drink TONS of water and DO NOT drink any sodas or juice that isn't all natural. If... Read More »

How to lose love handles, & gain thighs..?

Run, run and run! I know, you wonder how that will help the love handles, right? Well, truth be told, you can do as many "oblique exercises" as you can think of but the best way to get them off w... Read More »

How do I lose my love handles and some of my belly in 3 weeks?

Run everyday, and work out, especially your abs! Do side sit ups, crunches and regular sit ups. Your abs are your only muscles that you can work everyday, so take advantage of it! Do muscle trainin... Read More »