Is weight gain during the first month of pregnancy normal?

Answer On One Hand: Weight Gain Is NormalThe American Pregnancy Association recommends that expectant mothers in the first trimester gain 3 to 5 lbs., or about 1 lb. a month during the first three months.... Read More »

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In the first month of pregnancy do you gain a lot of weight really fast?

Answer No, not usually. It's probably not very healthy to gain a lot of weight in the first month. The baby doesn't weight more than a few ounces in the first month. If you have gained a lot of ... Read More »

What is a safe and healthy amount of weight gain during a normal pregnancy?

Answer I've had 2 babies and my doctor always told me that if a person is a normal weight, the weight gain should be between 25 and 35 pounds. A little more if you're underweight and a little less ... Read More »

Is it normal to start gaining weight and looking a little pudgy after only 1 month of pregnancy?

No. Chances are, you are eating a little more. Giving in to cravings occasionally is okay, but in moderation.You may be experiencing bowel distention (digestion slows so more nutrients are extracte... Read More »

If your period started one month ago and you had sex with a condom 2 and a half weeks ago and now you're feeling flu-like symptoms with weight gain are these pregnancy symptoms?

AnswerPossibly ... a positive pregnancy test would be a dead giveaway. Answer2 1/2 weeks ago would most likely be during your fertile time, so it's possible. if your next period is late I recommed... Read More »