Is weed more dangerous than cigarette ?

Answer I had a full blown 10 minute conversation with my health professor in college and weed is actually healthier on the main fact that there is so much chemicals on/in the ciggaretes. Cigars are like s... Read More »

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Is smoking a cigarette worse than smokig weed?

I would say weed is worse. You have all the damaging effects of the smoke on the lungs, plus the effects on the brain;

Is hookah more safer than cigarette smoking ?

I don't think so that hookah is more safer than cigarette smoking. Both are injurious to health.But If you are habitual and used to smoke then try take quality products for this I would recommend y... Read More »

Is a motorcycle more dangerous than a car?

Sure there is an element of danger riding a motorcycle but I can tell you this. I got rear-ended at about 80mph by a car on my bike the car hit me so hard that the bike was literally knocked out fr... Read More »

Why sugary drinks are more dangerous than sweets?

Your average 12-oz soda has about 31 grams of sugar. An 20 oz has 65 grams. For comparison's sake, that is 31 cubes or 65 cubes of sugar.Most processed baked goods contain nowhere near as much tabl... Read More »