Is weed (marijuana) bad for you?

Answer The ONLY reason it's bad for you is because of the primary means of ingestion- smoking.Smoking is bad.Period.However!If you can afford it, try finding a vaporizer, or use a bong.Vaporizers get rid ... Read More »

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Can i add Marijuana (Weed) to already cooked Brownies?

No it takes alot more than just a sprinkle .

Can you grow marijuana with the seeds you get with weed?

How much weed will one marijuana plant grow?

Ok, like the different breeds of dogs, there are over 2000, "breeds", or strains of marijuana. Genetically, these are grouped as indica (mountainous regions of the Hindu-Kush area of India) and sa... Read More »

Can marijuana(weed) cause persistent anxiety after just one use?

Your having what is called an Anxiety attack. Your reading way too much off the internet and self diagnosing your issues. Calm down. Your body is going through changes. First of all that is caused ... Read More »