Everything green is good for me right, so is weed good for me, mama always told me to eat my greens?

Answer YES! weed is very good for you! smoke 200 weed EVERY DAY and dont talk to bird

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I have weed from 3 yrs. it still good to smoke?

What are some good songs about weed?

When I have alot of weed I always play "Dro by the Pound - by Kyle Lee" or when im taking a bong toke I listen to "Bong Toke - by Kottonmouth Kings" if your into that G music but "Free Bird - by Ly... Read More »

What is a good weed killer?

On One Hand: Effective Weed ControlChemical herbicides handle a variety of weed problems. Apply pre-emergents to lawns in early spring to prevent dandelions and lawn weeds. Non-selective herbicides... Read More »

Is five grams of good weed enough for some brownies?

No. You need about 2 oz + for a batch of brownies. If you only wanna make one brownie five grams could work. But whenever I made brownies I put 4 oz. and everyone was ******* up as hell! Soooo. its... Read More »