Where is it legal to grow weed?

Answer It is not legal to grow marijuana (weed) in the United States of America under federal law. Some states allow growing marijuana for medicinal use; however, growers are still subject to federal pros... Read More »

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Why is alcohol legal while weed isn't?

Don't think you have your facts in order. Both are dangerous drugs with dangerous side effects. The difference is one is legal and the other one isn't. The legal issues on marijuanna have to do ... Read More »

Was this a bad reaction to weed or am I going crazy..?

The problem is that you are smoking an illegal substance whilst on medication which is causing the problem, it's like putting fuel in your car and then drop a match stick in the tank. I suggest you... Read More »

I'm sick and going to the doctor. I recently smoked weed so will the dr. find out and tell my parents?

Jacob, tell your doctor if you use any kinds of drugs, how much and if you are sexually active. He needs to know all this in order to work with you to keep you healthy.Never lie to or omit detai... Read More »

I'm going back to school to get my B.S. in Legal Studies. Where can I find scholarships?

Besides looking to loans and grants you should also sign up for those grocery rewards programs that give you education dollars when you shop.