Is wearing a tummy girdle during early pregnancy okay?

Answer Most doctors don't recommend it. Wearing a girdle in the first 12 weeks won't do any harm to the growing baby, but it allows your tummy muscles to become lax, by not supporting them in on your own.... Read More »

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Does your tummy feel firm in the early stages of pregnancy?

Answer Not from the pregnancy, but many women have bad gas because of the effects of hormones, and this may make your tummy feel firm.

Is it safe for the baby if you are wearing a tight girdle to hold your stomach in?

Answer no it is not safe. why are you wearing a girdle if you are pregnant? you cannot hide it. it is nothing to be ashamed of!

Is it safe to wear girdle during pregnancy?

Yes aslong as it isn't too tight on you abdomen

Do you only experience pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy?