Is .wav the only format that plays on older CD players?

Answer On One Hand: Older CD Players Only Support WAV FilesThe WAV format, known as waveform audio format, is a file created by Microsoft for use on the PC. It became a standard for many CD players and co... Read More »

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Can blu ray players play an older DVD?

No,very much alive;he merely retired from Moodies.Has gout I believe.He suffered from health problems for a number of years and found managing it difficult while on tour (the band have an extensive... Read More »

What format does DVD players use?

All DVD players must support the DVD-Video format, which is the standard for normal definition video playback. This format includes video encoded using the MPEG2 standard, as well as audio data.So... Read More »

What format do USA DVD players use?

DVD players in the U.S. play the NTSC format, which delivers video at 30 frames-per-second (fps) with 525 lines of resolution. DVD players in Europe and Asia typically use the PAL format, which del... Read More »

What CD Format Do Car CD Players Use?

Most car CD players use the same CD format that every CD player uses, which is called Red Book audio. Some newer car CD players also support data discs holding MP3 audio, as well as CD-R and CD-RW ... Read More »