Is watermelon heat or cold to human body?

Answer Watermelon is heat to the body. It just gives you better feeling, when it is hot outside. But it actually increases body heat. My wife had little body heat, few days back... After eating three wate... Read More »

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How does the human body lose heat?

Do watermelon lose their sugar in the heat?

Answer No, actually just the opposite happens. Hot summers will produce sweeter watermelons which means that growing in cooler climates can pose a challange to growing sweet watermelons. There ar... Read More »

How to Make Watermelon Body Scrub?

This body scrub will make your body glow with the gentle exfoliation from sugar and cleansing properties of watermelon. Does this Spark an idea?

How cold can a heat pump get?

Heat pumps convert cold air outside into warm air inside a house. However, when the outdoor temperature gets too cold, the heat pumps do not work as well. An additional source of heat, such as elec... Read More »