Is this considered a chemical burn, or frostbite?

Answer I would class it as frost bite, so a burn caused by the cold. I wouldn't expect it to get worse no, as it is it is just a 1st degree burn which will just need to be run under cold water (I know tha... Read More »

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If I add natural, fresh squeezed fruit juice to water, will it still be considered water?

to add a little flavour to water you don't add anything to water that's as bad a cordial. What you do to flavour the water is add a small slice or lemon or lime to spritz it up a little or alternat... Read More »

Who proved the chemical formula for water is H2O?

Henry Cavendish, a British scientist who lived from 1731 to 1810, proved through experiment that water's chemical formula is two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen during the mid-late 18th century.... Read More »

Water & Chemical Reactions in the Body?

Water is one of the most important aspects of the human body and accounts for the majority of the body's composition. Water is highly important because of the large number of chemical reactions in ... Read More »

Is dissolution of sugar in water a chemical change?

The dissolution of sugar in water is not a chemical change, because no new substances are formed as a result. Instead, it is a physical change, because when the water evaporates, the sugar will be ... Read More »