Where you can find the tickle torture video from help im a teenage outlaw sheer torture?

Answer His full name is Charles Montgomery Burns.

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Pelosi is blaming the CIA when she knew about the water boarding.?

The CIA was created after WWII and the beginning of the Cold War. It was realized that the US could not afford to not be the beneficiary of good intelligence, for good information is power

Has anyone else seen this story of a U.S. soldier water boarding his 4 yr old daughter? you have a link? he an IDIOT??edit:Thanks Paloma...that is insane!

What particles form when water ionizes?

When water ionizes, it splits into a hydronium particle with a positive charge and a hydroxine ion with a negative charge. The chemical symbols for hydronium and hydroxide are H3O+ and OH-, respect... Read More »

What causes water to form inside your refrigerator?

The seal around the door is bad. When the refrigerator doesn't have a complete seal around the door it allows ambient air to get in. When the compressor runs to the temp average inside, it actually... Read More »