Is water a natural antidepressant?

Answer Nothing lifts a mood like ice cold water. Being rehydratewd is very good for your mood

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If I add natural, fresh squeezed fruit juice to water, will it still be considered water?

to add a little flavour to water you don't add anything to water that's as bad a cordial. What you do to flavour the water is add a small slice or lemon or lime to spritz it up a little or alternat... Read More »

What are some natural diuretics my body still retains water and I take a water pill?

Teresa, the days that I spend on the computer, legs hanging down are the days I hold large amounts of water. My Dr. said I needed a laptop, so my hubby got me one but on vacation I used it at the t... Read More »

If I add all natural fruit juice to water, would the water still have all the same health benefits?

Your body will need to use water to digest the sugar and other materials in the juice so no, not really. You would need to drink more water to offset that.

How do antidepressant medications work?

You may suffer from feelings of hopelessness or extreme sadness, or you may have a lack of interest in life. These are symptoms of depression for which a doctor may prescribe an antidepressant.What... Read More »