Is watching 3D TV for a long time harmful?

Answer 3D television isn't considered to be harmful although some people tolerate it better than others. Wearing glasses and watching 3D images can be uncomfortable for some people. In those cases, simply... Read More »

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How harmful is watching 3D tv as compared to watching LCD or CRT?

harmful NOOOOOO. It is the ultimate viewing experience you can find in your own house. 3d tv's are the best and with LG 3d tv in your house you need not go anywhere else.

If someone on the west coast and someone on the east coast are watching a live streaming show from Europe will both parties watching a sports event for example see a goal scored at the same time?

You would need to speak with a qualified attorney or court officer about this.

Why the people or society make fun of any brother and sister who spend time together watching movie or having dinner - what is wrong if siblings spend family time together without sexual intention?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a brother and sister who are close and just act like a family should. Often society wants to create the worst images of any situation, or they cannot imagine ... Read More »

Is anybody watching tv and online at the same time?