Is waste to energy a renewable source of energy?

Answer The U.S. Energy Information Administration classifies waste-to-energy production as part of biomass energy production, which covers energy from organic materials such as wood, crops, garbage and al... Read More »

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Which non-renewable source is the nation's second leading source of energy?

According to the United States Energy Information Administration, natural gas is the second leading source of energy, accounting for 24 percent of energy in 2008. In third is coal which accounts fo... Read More »

Is Oil an Renewable Energy Source?

The U.S. Energy Information Administration classifies oil, or petroleum, as a fossil fuel, which is a non-renewable energy source.DefinitionA renewable energy source is one that can be used indefin... Read More »

Is natural gas a source of renewable energy?

Natural gas is not a source of renewable energy. It is classified as "nonrenewable," and, along with oil, coal and uranium, is one of the most common nonrenewable energy sources. Nonrenewable energ... Read More »

Is uranium a renewable energy source?

Uranium is a nonrenewable energy source. Nonrenewable energy sources take millions of years to form, which means they are not quickly replaced. The main use of uranium is in nuclear fission reactor... Read More »