Is washington a no-fault divorce state?

Answer Yes, Washington law allows for a no-fault divorce, according to the Washington State Bar Association. However, both parties still must discuss matters, such as child support and alimony arrangement... Read More »

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Is Washington no-fault divorce state?

Yes, Washington is a no-fault divorce state. This means that when partners seek a divorce, which is legally known as a dissolution of marriage, they do not have to prove wrongdoing on either side.S... Read More »

Is VA a fault divorce state?

You can file for divorce on either no-fault or fault grounds in Virginia. Fault grounds include adultery and cruelty, although if you file on cruelty grounds, a final decree won't be granted until ... Read More »

Is Oklahoma a fault state for divorce?

Oklahoma is a no-fault state in regards to divorce. Oklahoma was actually the first state to pass this law in 1953. This means that to file for divorce in Oklahoma neither party needs to prove faul... Read More »

Is California a no-fault state for divorce?

California was actually the first state to adopt the no-fault divorce concept. A no-fault divorce means that both the husband and wife contributed to the break-up of the marriage. In a no-fault div... Read More »