How to Eat Wasabi?

Answer True wasabi---wasabia japonica---is a rare root plant native to Japan. The root is ground into a paste using an abrasive shark skin or porcelain grater. Most wasabi served in American sushi restaur... Read More »

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How to become wasabi?

Why is wasabi so gross and not hot for me?

Are you sure you had the green wasabi? Because that is what the pickled ginger tastes like to me. Maybe you had that instead???

Has anyone eaten Wasabi before?

Not really!! Most people who answered this question if not all of them have never really had wasabi. Wasabi served with sushi in most places as well as wasabi sold at stores does not really have w... Read More »

Wasabi...What exactly does it taste like?

It somehow tastes like mustard but wasabi packs more punch. It will make you feel as if your head is being pressed real hard but in a sort of a good way. If you gotten too much in a bite, it will m... Read More »