Can you buy a Visa gift card at Walmart with a Walmart giftcard?

Answer You can purchase a Visa gift card with a Walmart gift card. Using a Walmart gift card is just like using cash. You can use the gift card to purchase anything sold in a Walmart store. Visa gift card... Read More »

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How to Act Evil?

Sometimes your day just needs to be a little more evil. Regardless of why you're here, this is what you need.

Is the CIA evil?

That one guy who kept plagiarizing my reports was evil, but other than him they're not. According to the last two paragraphs of official documents released and declassified 50 years after they wer... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Evil Eye Curses?

The evil eye is misfortune that someone who is envious or revengeful creates for victims. There are various names for this curse across numerous cultures, including "ayin ha'ra" (the evil eye) in H... Read More »

Vegetarians are evil bad?

um......what is wrong with you? Seriously??!