Is vyvanse safe to take with epilepsy?

Answer On One Hand: Vyvanse May Increase the Risk of SeizuresVyvanse, a medication effective for the treatment of ADHD in children, may increase the risk of seizures, especially in individuals who have al... Read More »

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How bad is it to take vyvanse/adderal?

There is a lot of debate about this. While those drugs can be useful in helping someone concentrate, they are very popular amongst high school and college students to help them study. Without a pre... Read More »

Can Vyvanse interfere with interstitial cystitis?

On One Hand: Vyvanse does not list the possibility of Vyvanse interacting negatively with interstitial cystitis (painful bladder syndrome). WebMD states the drug is normally i... Read More »

Can you take Viagra if you have epilepsy?

Viagra should only be taken when you have a prescription from a doctor and you will have to tell him all your illnesses. Epilepsy comes in different types and severity so ask your doctor.

Is it safe to take a PPI with NSAIDs?

On One Hand: PPI Definition and UsesAccording to MedicineNet, a proton-pump inhibitor (PPI) decreases acid in the stomach by blocking acid-producing enzymes. One over-the-counter PPI is omeprazole.... Read More »