Is vodka and red-bull a "mans" drink or a womens drink.. I was just wondering... lol...?

Answer Real men drink it neat

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How to Make a Red Bull & Vodka Drink?

A Red Bull and vodka drink is an excellent way to enjoy the stimulation of alcohol, while providing an energy boost. Red Bull contains high levels of caffeine, sugar, taurine and B-vitamins to help... Read More »

When should I drink my Red Bull can?

Why do you need a can of caffine and sugar? Just stay up until 5 then go to the airport and nap on the plane. Why fill yourself with that rubbish,

How old do u have to be to drink red bull?

Red Bull is not an alcoholic beverage, so there is no age requirement.That said, I wouldn't let my kids going drinking it for the same reason I don't let them drink coffee, too many stimulants. My ... Read More »

So i drink red bull?

We should file a class action law suit because I don't know about you but i want my freakin wings. Its ridiculous