Is vitex chaste tree deer resistant?

Answer The chaste tree ( Vitex, agnus-castus) is a deer resistant tree, according to the Pender County Cooperative Extension of North Carolina. The chaste tree features blue flowers and prefers full sun a... Read More »

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Is creeping vitex deer resistant?

Deer will consume almost any plant if they get hungry enough. However, there are plenty they avoid during times of plenty, and creeping vitex is one of those. Creeping vitex is also known simply as... Read More »

Do deer avoid vitex?

Vitex (agnus-castus), commonly known as the chaste tree, produces a highly fragrant, light-purple flower during the spring and summer. Deer find the scent of the chaste tree flower offensive and no... Read More »

What is chaste tree?

According to the gardening information database Floridata, the chaste tree (vitex agnus castus) is a plant that can be grown as either a large shrub or as a small, deciduous tree.NativeFloridata re... Read More »

Another Name for Chaste Tree Berry?

The chaste tree (Vitex agnus-castus) is also known as monk's pepper, or more commonly as vitex. This large shrub or small tree bears small dark berries which have been utilized by herbalists since ... Read More »